50 Chinese App you should remove from your Phone

For a few days, we have seen Chinese activities in our border. Recently we have lost our 20 Braveheart in a clash at Galwan Valley. For a few days we have been seeing the anti-china trend in the common people mindset. Many of you have already stopped using Chinese products. It is not that easy to complete boycott of Chinese products, but at least we can stop the use of the software in our daily routine. In this article, I will be showing you all the Chinese App in India for Android users. In the next article, I will try to cover the Ios version.

Here are the chinese Apps shortlisted by Intelligence Source which is stealing our sensitive data illegally.

This app closely associated with CPC and shares all the data of users such as debit, credit card details with their Govt.

A few days back there was an app that helped you to remove all chinese App but Playstore removed that, So, we come up with this article which will help you to find out all the vulnerable Chinese App on your phone and Clean it.

So, how will you uninstall it? Just click on the button for every App mentioned below, it will lead to your play store , from their please uninstall in on your own. We will provide you their respective alternatives

1.TiktokUninstall Tiktok.

Alternative of Tiktok — Mitron

2.Vigo VideoUninstall Vigo Video

3.Bigo LiveUninstall Bigo Live

4.WeiboUninstall Weibo

5.WeChatUninstall WeChat, alternative — Indian InCall

6. SHAREitUninstall SHAREit, alternative — FilesGo by Google

7.UC NewsUninstall UC News

8.UC BrowserUninstall UC Browser , We are working on launching new browser for India, will be available here

9.BeautyPlusUninstall BeautyPlus, alternative — Indian Selfie Camera

10.XenderUninstall Xender, alternative — FilesGo by Google

11.ClubFactoryUninstall ClubFactory, alternative — Flipkart

12.HeloUninstall Helo

13.LikeUninstall Like

14.KwaiUninstall Kwai

15.ROMWEUninstall ROMWE

16.SHEIN Uninstall SHEIN, alternative Ajio

17.NewsDogUninstall NewsDog, alternative – Republic? Just kidding

18.Photo Wonder Uninstall Photo Wonder

19.APUS BrowserUninstall APUS Browser, alternative coming soon here

20.VivaVideo- QU Video IncUninstall VivaVideo- QU Video Inc

21.Perfect CorpUninstall Perfect Corp, alternative – Indian Selfie Camera

22.CM BrowserUninstall CM Browser

23.Virus CleanerUninstall Virus Cleaner, Virus is cleaning Virus.. LoL|

24.Mi CommunityUninstall Mi Community

25.DU recorderUninstall DU recorder

26.YouCam MakeupUninstall YouCam Makeup

27.Mi StoreUninstall Mi Store, alternative Play Sore

28.360 SecurityUninstall 360 Security

29.DU Battery SaverUninstall DU Battery Saver

30.DU BrowserUninstall DU Browser

31.DU CleanerUninstall DU Cleaner

32.DU PrivacyUninstall DU Privacy

33.Clean Master – CheetahUninstall Clean Master – Cheetah

34.CacheClear DU apps studioUninstall CacheClear DU apps studio

35.Baidu TranslateUninstall Baidu, alternative Google Translate

36.Baidu MapUninstall Baidu Map, alternative Google Map, Navic

37.Wonder CameraUninstall Wonder Camera

38.ES File ExplorerUninstall ES File Explorer

39.QQ InternationalUninstall QQ International

40.QQ LauncherUninstall QQ Launcher

41. QQ PlayerUninstall QQ Player

42.QQ MusicUninstall QQ Music

43.CamscannerUninstall Camscanner, alternative — Microsoft Office Lens

44.WeSyncUninstall WeSync

45.SelfieCityUninstall SelfieCity

46.Clash of KingsUninstall Clash of Kings

47.Mail MasterUninstall Mail Master

48.Mi Video call-XiaomiUninstall Mi Video call-Xiaomi, alternative InCall

49.Parallel SpaceUninstall Parallel Space

50. PUBG MobileUninstall PUBG Mobile, alternative FreeFire

So, here are the 50 Chinese you should not have in your Phone at any time. These apps are causing a serious threat to you as well as Nation Security. Comment Down below the no. of app you have removed just now. If you do not have any of these apps on your phone, congratulation. We appreciate your effort.

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